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Tree Tattoo

Recently my daughter asked me to draw her a picture of a tree.  Sure, I said, what for?  Well, I want to use it for a tattoo!   Hmmm, I thought, not sure how I feel about this…  Was I pleased that she asked me?  Well, possibly.  It was nice that she likes my drawings.  And its nice she wants something made specifically for her, especially since she’s putting it on her body – PERMANENTLY!!!!   But, on the other hand, I hesitated, because tattoos aren’t really my thing.  Nothing against them, just that I missed the generational window, I guess.  It took several weeks of me not doing anything at all about it until she finally said, MOM!!!! Can you please make that drawing??????  So then and there I decided to give it a go.  No judging others, it’s her body,  I told myself!! Just do it!  But what kind of tree?  There are seventeen thousand kinds of trees I could draw…had to think about it.  What would she like – a palm tree?  no.  a willow?  no.  an evergreen?  maybe, but what kind?  She’s a mountain girl – that’s it!  I’ll draw a noble fir!  So last week when we had a break in the weather I finally got down to business.  It was a sunny day at Fall City Farms and I parked my chair with the sun to my back and drew this noble fir.   The drawing is graphite, 8×6.   Thankfully, she likes it!


noble fir, evergreen, drawing, graphite

Noble Fir, 8 x 6