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Artist Statement

Early Dawn 14x18

I am a painter because it brings me to life and causes a revolution in my heart. I believe that the arts take us into imagined worlds created by different minds and enable us to understand how others live. The masterworks that I have seen in museums worldwide are as much a part of me as the culture I have inherited and the life experience I have had. I have been brought to my knees to weep at the sight of Master paintings and I believe they have given me a larger context for thinking about how to live and how to interpret present and historic issues, even while giving me the pleasure for their own sake.

The act of creating a painting takes me out of ordinary time, and, in a sense, suspends my ordinary life. By awakening my imagination, painting intensifies and complements my own experience; it takes me on a journey where form and meaning are intertwined. How a work of art is organized matters. The act of organization gives pleasure, if not, also, makes sense of the messiness of life and external events. Form imposes structure and gives interpretive order to my life.

Journeying outside to paint the landscape helps me to discover nature’s ongoing message, that we are all at the very edge of a great truth.  We need only to step into a field or take a simple hike to experience its restorative powers.  Painting plugs me into the creative force and it pushes me to the frontiers of the beautiful and unexpected. May I share my work with gratitude. Always.