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Treehouse Masters – Reality TV Show, Here I Come!

My husband and I are soon to claim our 15 minutes of TV fame, tomorrow, Friday, August 7th at 10 pm when we aire on the Animal Planet’s show called Treehouse Masters!  We built one of Pete Nelson’s (star of the show) treehouses back in 2002, and I used it exclusively as my art studio.  After many years of “hanging in the trees” it needed some repairs.  Pete called us and asked us if we’d like to be part of the show while they do the repairs (and a little upgrade).  Of course, we said “YES!” and here we are!  My art work will be featured on the show, as Pete is one of my collectors.  Here are a couple of the paintings that were hanging in the treehouse when they filmed.  Watch the show tomorrow night and you might see them!

female with white hat, red scarf, pearl earring, brown hair, representational

Rachel, 17 x 12

Mt Rainier, dawn, pink sky, reflection, pond, evergreens, alpine trees

Mt. Rainier II, 24 x 24

Winter Solstice Open Studio – December 21, 2014

Please join me on Sunday, December 21st, 11am – 4pm, on the shortest day of the year to celebrate art and the days getting longer!    I have recently moved studio locations from the treehouse to our barn – more room and warmer!  Lots of small works – great for gifts!  My address is 32014 SE 48th St., Fall City, WA 98024.  Looking forward to seeing you!

Tree trunk with leaves, grass in backgound

Leaf Litter, 10 x 16

Mt. Si, field of grass, sunny day, landscape

Last Warm Rays, 8 x 10


Deschutes River work

Thanks to everyone who visited my Open Studio during the Snoqualmie River Arts Tour!  We had lots of people here visiting the gallery inside the house and checking out the work going on inside the Treehouse studio.  Many of you were interested in learning more about my process and we discussed how I go about making paintings.  Drawing is a huge part of what I do and I wanted to share some of the work I’m doing down in Eastern Oregon on the Deschutes River.  These are some studies that I’m working on for potential studio paintings.  It can be hot down there with temperatures reaching into the 90’s easily by early afternoon.  I like to get out early, if possible, or later in the evening to stay comfortable while I work.

The first two images are of a downed log from a fire last season.  This is sagebrush country with white oak and juniper trees – high desert it’s called.  First I did a detailed drawing of the log and the next day I came at the same time and did an underpainting. The drawings give me lots of details to help me remember and the underpaintings give me an overall sense of the tonal relationships.  I also take notes in my notebook on color, temperature, weather, time of day and anything else I am experiencing out there, such as wildlife, sounds, etc.  When I revisit the notes back in the studio I am instantly transported back to the place and time – all of which helps evoke the memories that I will draw upon to paint.

Deschutes Log, 8 x 10

Deschutes Log, 8 x 10

Deschutes Log, underpainting, Eagle Creek, rolling hills

Deschutes Log Underpainting, 8 x 10


RainbowBend, Deschutes, underpainting, telephone pole

Rainbow Bend, 8 x 10

RiverTree, drawing, charcoal on toned pape, Deschutes, water

River Tree, 9 x 12,

RiverTree Underpainting, Deschutes, oil on panel, Deschutes

River Tree Underpainting, 8 x 10