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Find Lolly’s Paintings on!

What is  Artsy is an online resource for art collecting and education. Artsy is a place to explore current and past exhibitions at museums and galleries, biennials, and cultural events, and to preview international art fairs before their doors open to the public. My Seattle gallery, Gallery Mack, is one of the participating galleries who represents their artists on Artsy.  I really love going on the Artsy site to read the magazine, with daily articles about art history, art news and cultural events all over the world.

You can search the site via my name, Lolly Shera or through my gallery, Gallery Mack.  Pricing is all there and it’s a very transparent process. If you are interested in one of my paintings click the inquiry link and it takes you directly to the gallery director at Gallery Mack.  Gallery Mack ships paintings all over the world.  Now my Art work is a click away!

Happy viewing!

yellow, misty clouds, sunrise, plowed fields, one point perspective, hills, landscape painting, tonalism, classical realism, impressionist painting, field, dream field, mist, impressionist painting, misty morning, sunlight on field, representational art, art of the day, instaart

Sea Mist at Dawn, 18 x 36

waterfall, granite rocks, northwest waterfall, impressionist art, classical realism, tonalist landscape, lolly share, waterfall painting, contemporary art, contemporary landscape, contemporary painting, fine art, representational art, landscape painting, classical painting

Mason Creek Falls, 16 x 11

river, snoqualmie river, representational painting, landscape painting, oil painting, contemporary landscape, art, contemporary art, realism, tonalism, river, water,

Tokul Creek, 11 x 14

Oil painting, mountain, tonalist painting, tonalism, representational art, mountains, trees, panoramic view, valley, shadow line, clouds, realism, classical painting, rosemary brushes, contemporary realism, contemporary art

Valley Light, 24 x 38

sea, ocean, seaside, oil painting, landscape painting, oil, art, tonalist art, tonalist painting, tonalism, classical realism, fine art, contemporary landscape

Seaside, 18 x 24

winter, trees, pond, fog, representational art, nocturne, oil painting, landscape painting

Winter Moon, 20 x 16

creek, river, snoqualmie valley, oil painting, landscape, fine art, contemporary realism, autumn, trees

Tokul Creek, 11 x 14

mountain, creek, oil painting, landscape painting, representational art, forest stream, fallen log

Mountain Creek, 11 x 14

nisqually wildlife refuge, dusk, landscape painting, oil painting, representational art, classical realism, contemporary landscape, tonalist painting, tonalism

Refuge At Dusk, 24 x 30