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Harvest Moon – Nocturne

Blue night landscape painting

Harvest Moon over Mt. Si, 8×12

On September 18th we had the full Harvest moon.  I started this painting outside at the base of Mt. Si and finished it later in the studio.  Try painting in the dark sometime!  I had a headlamp on, but my eyes had a hard time adjusting back and forth when I looked at the view vs looking at the brightly lit palette.  Since then I have purchased the Mighty Bright light ( that has led lights and it attaches to my palette box.  Can’t wait to try it out.  For this painting I used a very limited palette of: chromatic black, viridian green, transparent earth yellow, shale, indanthrone blue and lead white.


  1. Lolly, You’re brave to paint in the dark. Love the moody moon.