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Rhythms of Nature, Solo Exhibition, Burien Arts Gallery, Nov 4-30, 2016

This Friday, November 4th, 5:30pm-8:30pm, is the Opening Celebration for my Solo show, “Rhythms of Nature,” at Burien Arts Gallery.  The gallery is located in downtown Burien.

826 SW 152nd Street
Burien, WA 98166

As a contemporary landscape painter, my work is a sensitive interpretation of mood, color, and light.  Born and raised in the West, I am rooted in the diverse ecosystems found in western America. There is a sense of stability and order that I feel with the land, and when a location arouses my curiosity and inspires me,  I will create a series of the scene, changing the key, the composition and color harmony. I look for new ways to express spatial relationships and distance with layers of paint, brushwork, gradations, and diffusions of light.

But my paintings are more than that to me.   As a naturalist and outdoors woman since childhood, I have always felt a spiritual connection with trees and fields, and meadows and mountains.  Quiet places speak to me, as well as, long, stretching views with diminishing values and great big skies.   These places make my heart soar to new heights and inspire me, in a lifelong effort, to explore and communicate an honest translation of both soul and the land.

Join me at Burien Arts Gallery if you can!


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Backyard Barrels, 11 x 14

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Late Night Fishing, 9 x 12

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Nisqually Barn, 8 x 10

Deschutes River, oil landscape painting, dead tree snag

Eagle Creek Deadfall, 8 x 10


Tonal/Compositional Studies of the Landscape

A lot of times I like to relax by sitting and composing pictures of trees, plants and the landscape.   Doing several small studies prior to jumping into a painting is extremely useful for working out the composition as well as the overall tonal design.

I like to experiment using a variety of media and papers because I’m always on the hunt for the perfect “marriage” of drawing implement and paper.


 Sage Study
 Outcrop Study

Plein Air on the Deschutes

I just returned from a week of plein air painting on the Deschutes River in Eastern Oregon.  It was 105 degrees – really hot and dry!!   Between jumps in the river I managed to do a couple of oil sketches.

My very limited palette consisting of the following:
titanium white
yellow ochre
Indian red
ultramarine blue
permanent alizarin crimson
cadmium yellow medium
viridian green
ivory black

All of my panels were toned medium gray which I do not recommend for plein air.  It’s nice to be able to do an underpainting first and to be able to choose a color, say, a warmish red or reddish-yellow, that goes with the overall feeling of the light.  In this case the light is very golden on the eastern shores of the state and the gray tone did not help emphasize this.   Next time I”ll head out with un-toned white panels and I’ll have more flexibility to respond to the conditions at hand.  Live and learn!

Here are the paintings:

This first one is the boat we use to cross the river.  It is attached to an overhead cable and if you squint into the painting you can just make out the purple-colored cable overhead.

Boat Crossing 8×10 Oil on panel

On this day it was 105 degrees!  I sat in the shade of the cabin to paint the view looking upriver through the trees.

River Sense 8×10 Oil on panel

Sitting under a tree with my feet in the river I managed to stay out of the sun the whole time painting this one.

River Sense 8×10 Oil on panel

Stay tuned for more works from the Deschutes River!  There is so much to paint (and draw) there!!!!!