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Instagram (@lollyshera) and Other News

I have been remiss in regular blog posting and many of you now follow me on Instagram, where I post several times per week.  It has come to my realization that longer blog posts take so much time and I have mostly appeared on IG (@lollyshera) as a way of keeping up.

Since I last wrote I have some wonderful news about exhibiting in the Seattle area.  The Puget Sound Group of Northwest Artists is sponsoring an exhibition in the Rainier Club starting in early October.  I am honored to have my piece, Rattlesnake Cove, chosen as part of this show.  This painting was inspired by the early morning light shining down through the cottonwoods in a small cove at Rattlesnake Lake.  Located up in the foothills of the Cascade mountains outside of Seattle, this lake is a popular destination for swimming, fishing, hiking, and kayaking all year around.  I love the mountain scenery there and I have done several paintings of this area. The paintings in this show will hang from early October throughout the holiday season.  Stop by if you get a chance – there are some wonderful artists exhibiting!

landscape of trees and water, reflection, lake, indirect method

Rattlesnake Cove, 19.5 x 12

In other news, I am pleased to announce that my gallery, Reinert Fine Art in Charleston, S.C. is opening a new location in the small mountain village of Blowing Rock, N. C.  Located deep in the Blue Ridge mountains, Blowing Rock is a perfect getaway spot and is sometimes referred to as the “Aspen” of the east!  As a huge skier and mountain enthusiast I love the idea of someday visiting and skiing in Blowing Rock, NC!

Many of my paintings are now be shipped to either Charleston or Blowing Rock.  If you are interested in a particular painting please contact my by email and I will direct you either to the gallery, or to my home studio gallery at Lolly Shera Fine Art; my home studio email is

And finally, those of you who have been following me know that I am preparing for a SOLO show at the Clymer Museum in March/April of 2016.  The opening is Friday, March 4th, 2016 at the Clymer Museum & Gallery in Ellensburg, WA.  Their website is  I am sharing my process of some of the paintings for this show on IG (@lollyshera).

Find me and converse with me on FB (lollysherafineart), IG (@lollyshera) and Twitter (@lollyshera)!

Treehouse Masters – Reality TV Show, Here I Come!

My husband and I are soon to claim our 15 minutes of TV fame, tomorrow, Friday, August 7th at 10 pm when we aire on the Animal Planet’s show called Treehouse Masters!  We built one of Pete Nelson’s (star of the show) treehouses back in 2002, and I used it exclusively as my art studio.  After many years of “hanging in the trees” it needed some repairs.  Pete called us and asked us if we’d like to be part of the show while they do the repairs (and a little upgrade).  Of course, we said “YES!” and here we are!  My art work will be featured on the show, as Pete is one of my collectors.  Here are a couple of the paintings that were hanging in the treehouse when they filmed.  Watch the show tomorrow night and you might see them!

female with white hat, red scarf, pearl earring, brown hair, representational

Rachel, 17 x 12

Mt Rainier, dawn, pink sky, reflection, pond, evergreens, alpine trees

Mt. Rainier II, 24 x 24

Painting From Visual Memory and Imagination

Have you ever looked at something for a long time and then closed your eyes and tried to see the image in your mind’s eye?  That’s your visual memory.  It’s a muscle that can be developed to aide in the creation of paintings!

Athletes use it all the time when they try to “imagine” themselves performing a trick or move with precision.  If they can see themselves doing it in their imagination, chances are they can execute it when they try it for real.

I use my visual memory all the time when I create thumbnail sketches for future paintings and sometimes to create a whole new painting – like this one!

I haven’t named it yet.  It’s part of a series I’m doing of the Pacific Northwest.  It’s about 16″x12″

Mt. Rainier – Plein air sketch

Mt. Rainier  14″x11″ Oil on panel  plein air
Luckily I caught the weather to make this sketch over a two day period.  We’ve had our stretch of no-rain, but the fires all over Washington State have caused a huge atmospheric haze, blurring any views.  This painting will be used as a reference for a larger, self-portrait painting in which I am looking out a window at this view.  I am very excited to have Mt. Rainier at my eye level!
Below is a picture of me painting this picture.  While I was working, a professional photographer named, Virginia Jamieson, stopped by to check things out.  She took this picture of me as I was beginning the painting.  Virginia has a facebook page under Nature’s Soul Photography.  Her website is www.naturessoulphotography.