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Telluride Morning

I jumped on the chance to visit Telluride, CO, last summer for a landscape workshop with Deborah Paris.  We drew every day, all day, from sunrise to sunset, breathing in the trees, mountains and very thin air.  One morning I met up with a couple of art buddies to draw the sunrise in the Telluride Valley.  It was interesting to observe how the sage brush and desert loving plants grow just above and right down to the edge of the fertile, green ponds and streams in the valley floor.  This painting, Telluride Morning, is about that edge where the dry meets the wet.

Telluride Valley, charcoal drawing, sage brush, valley floor

Telluride Valley Field Drawing, 8 x 10

Telluride, Valley, sage brush, pond, aspen trees, reflection

Telluride Morning Drawing, 8 x 10

Telluride, CO, valley floor, sage brush, aspen trees, reflection, pond

Telluride Morning, 16 x 23

Early Dawn – new painting

Early Dawn 14x18

Early Dawn 14×18

One of my favorite times of day is the early morning at dawn.  As the landforms emerge out of the night sky the soft, diffuse light spreads over the trees and hills and water, sometimes with a peachy-pink note and others a violet, muted hue.  In a sort of time-lapse movie each day begins with its own distinct feel.